In this episode of the Fashion Photography Podcast we answer the questions of the photographer Arturo Las Pinas Jr. (instagram@pantaoci )

Is it true, while working in engineering full time, that I could/should build up my portfolio
and get so many fashion gigs on the side to the point that I’d be so busy that then would be the time to make the switch to full time?

How much do digital techs and assistants make? Is this truly the only way to break into the market and get known?
Because if I could focus my energy on building a portfolio and getting published into open submission magazines while maintaining an engineering job,
I’d rather do that for now. If I go back to engineering, I could fund myself and do big projects without having to do non related gigs to pay myself.

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photographer:  Verginiya Yancheva
stylist: Stanimira Stefanova
hair: Niki Tonev
makeup: Marina Mladenova
model: Epifan @ Visages MA
location: Fencing Academi Vassil Etropolski

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