about Alexan:

Alexan Sarikamichian, born and raised in Argentina, began his career as a producer with more than 10 short films such as “La Donna” and “Pude ver un Puma” which got nominated in The Cannes Film Festival. He also produced feature films such as “Juana a las 12”, “Paula”, “Juan Meisen ha muerto” and “El Auge del Humano” films that had global recognition and gave him the opportunity to attend San Sebastian Festival.

In music he found the possibility to produce video clips for Miranda, Luciano Pereyra, Abel Pintos, India Martinez, Indios Rock-Pop and Dani Umpi.

In 2016 he started his career as a director, after years of being involved only in production, with the video called CHICOS, his first fashion film “Nadie hace el amor en soledad”, a short film called COMOS with more than 50,000 reproductions.

about COSMOS:

COSMOS is the story of three friends spending a weekend in the woods where true feelings start to arise. Being away from home and surrounded by nature and themselves, makes their true desires possible. In the woods, alcohol, sexual encounters, fights, jealousy and love are part of the same universe. The movie was shot in the City of chivilcoy, bs as Argentina where the director al sa used to spend his summers in his childhood. Alexan Sarikamichian is a film producer, his films were nominated in cannes, san sebastian (Pude Ver Un Puma, La Donna, Juana a los 12, Paula) and he has since challenged himself to start a career as a director with very positive results so far.

Written, Directed and Produced by Alexan Kevork Sarikamichian

Starring: Stefania Koessl, Alex Ferrario and Nicolás Lorenzon

Producer: Alexan Films

DOP: Sebastian Ferrari

Art Director : Alexan Sarikamichian

Stylist/Producer: Maria Flor Mendez

Editor/Color grade: Paula Baialardo

Asstant Producers: Pato Mendez and Damian Zeppa

Credits: Fer Calvo

Wardrobe provided by: Estudio Socias

Soundtrack “Paris, Texas” by Original Artyfacts

Thanks: Secretaría de Cultura Chivilcoy, Familia Zeppa, and Francisco De La Fuente

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