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By Yinsey Wang

As a makeup artist, Alma White has worked backstage for London Fashion Week, had her work published in various international magazines and been involved in numerous editorial campaigns. Alma’s love for makeup grew from playing dress up as a young child. Always loving the power of transformation through makeup, Alma began experimenting with her own makeup at a young age. She would often find herself in her grandmother’s bathroom, playing with all her old makeup, in childlike fascination. Her love of this transformed into a determination to chase her dreams in London. Alma shares her thoughts and experiences in the industry in this exclusive interview with Yinsey Wang.

fashion magazine

What have been some great memories in your career so far?  

I loved working at London Fashion Week in 2015, alongside Lan Nyguen, an inspirational artist from whom I learnt much. It has been my dream to assist Lan for a few years now, when I received the email saying that I had made the cut, I was overjoyed! Her work is clean, creative and spectacular! I’ve assisted on her shows twice now and each time I’m blown away by her work.

Also, working for Bernard Chandran’s show with innovative makeup artist Nora Nona was amazing. His SS15 collection is absolutely breath taking. One of the models was a girl I went to primary school with. I did not know she was a model, so you can imagine the look on my face when I saw her polaroid picture pinned to a garment! The industry is so small, yet so vast. You really get the opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces.

It was incredible working with Amanda Bell, a talented and celebrity makeup artist. We had a great time working for the debut show of EMALIOMADA and the makeup design was just stunning; I learnt so much!

Recently, I have also assisted Joy Adenuga who is an amazing makeup artist, she has a fantastic following and rightly so – her work is full of vibrancy and colour. Her bridal work is insanely good!

Overall, it’s the energy on set and the people that make the work memorable! There is nothing better than being surrounded by good vibes and bunch of creative minds creating artwork together.

fashion magazine fashion magazine

What is your way of working?  

Makeup is a very personal thing. When you are doing someone’s makeup, you are in their personal space, putting products onto their skin. You have to be extremely respectful; I find that being chatty and friendly is the best approach. There is nothing worse than having your makeup done by a silent makeup artist.

Where appropriate, I may also assist in directing the model and suggesting additional ideas. I always make sure the models know what I am doing beforehand, because in some cases the agencies will not tell them. I think it is always great to go in prepared for a job so I try and make the models feel as comfortable as possible!

fashion magazine fashion magazine

Who is your biggest support in what you do?

My mother. She is my rock and someone who I can speak to about anything, she knows everything there is to know! Without her, I would not have had all the amazing experiences so early on. She completely trusted and supported me in everything.

My whole family are extremely supportive in terms of my career and are always excited to see my new work. I could not do any of what I do without them.

fashion magazine fashion magazine

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