Amish 9.0 is an allegory of the rise and fall of any civilization. It’s about betrayal, scapegoat and ineluctable self destruction.
A witness (wink to the “Black Madonna” of Częstochowa) is watching the birth and the awakening of the girl sensitivity. She grows up with a mind full of wonders and innocence to turn up her vision through the human vices. She feels something wrong but she doesn’t know what it is. Indeed, her own brothers will turn against her to lynch her until her death.

Amish 9.0 from MELTING CORP on Vimeo.

Director: Mathilde Brunel
Assistants: Greffiths Verin, Rafik Derrar

DOP: Alexandre Savigny
1st Camera Assistant: Marion Botte
2nd Camera Assistant: Manuel Laurent
Steadycam Operator: Arnaud Joumel

Hair/Makeup: Tina Piters
Men Stylist: Léa Simonet
Women Stylist: Mathilde Brunel
Women & Kids Styling Designer: Pascale Brunel


Eva Biechy
Irma & Iris @ Agence Cute Models
Ingrid @ Mademoiselle Agency
Grégory Nolbas

Music: Mix by Ablaye Sy @ Nautylus
“Low Life” by Metro Boomin & Ben Billions

Special Thanks to

Manuel Laurent Video Equipments
Pierre-Etienne Rossi
Prune @ Agence Cute Models
Lilian @ Mademoiselle Agency
KiloShop Paris

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