by Nicky Cossins

Annie Woon combines qualities of both fashion and hair styling to complete any ensemble with a wig from her brand WOON. The brand was inspired by a trip to New York where she saw some window displays at the Warner Brothers Studios, “the window displays had Bugs Bunny wearing different designer couture pieces and each look was complete with matching shoes, hat and handbag. However, it left me thinking- what about the hair? I couldn’t see any great wigs on the market and I loved the idea of creating something incredible to pull together a final look. So, I founded WOON!”

WOON began by word of mouth until Annie “called a top hair salon in Hong Kong and asked if they would have my wigs available to buy in their salon… they agreed and this allowed my wigs to be seen by many artists and celebrities!”. She now provides one of a kind wigs to many famous faces in fashion, film and the art worldwide.

In 2013 she created an art exhibit which transformed Times Square into a ‘Woon Wig Wonderland’, featuring thousands of kilograms of hair spread across “over 20 hand-crafted installations including trees, flowers, swans and squirrels! I’m inspired by many different things, but mostly nature”. A 3D display was created to step out of New York and into the beautiful mind of Annie, with a little something for everyone who visited to enjoy. She carries this element of surprise within her pieces as her “personal style is a lot less eccentric than the designs I create, however, there is an element of my personality hidden within the pieces”.

Annie holds family close to her heart as one of her favorite projects was creating an eco-shampoo with her son. Annie says, “this has been such a lovely project to work on alongside my family”. She also values her charity, “what I am most proud of up to this moment is the charity I created in Hong Kong to gift free wigs to those in need, such as cancer patients”.

Having worked with luxury fashion houses such as “Chanel on many different events, this has been a career highlight and taken me all over the world!”, Annie still thrives to achieve more as she doesn’t believe she has reached her full potential yet. However, she has “been lucky to work with some amazing brands over the years, which have allowed me to really experiment with my creations”. She is currently working on an accessories line made entirely from hair, which launches early November. Keep your eyes peeled!

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