submission fashion magazineWe love that photographers all over the world submit their work to us. Big Bad Llama of Northern Ireland produces some amazing images. We are excited to profile Tony Webster of Big Bad Llama. To check out more of Tony’s work, fine him on facebook.

submission fashion magazine

Jute: Where are you from?Tony Webster: Belfast, Northern Ireland.J: What fashion market do you consider yourself to be part of?

TW: I straddle two photography worlds! Fashion and homotography. There is a very close relationship to fashion and intimacy so the two come together very well for me.

submission fashion magazinesubmission fashion magazine

J: What is your favorite fashion magazine?

TW: I-D magazine, or the Holy Bible of fashion, Italian Vogue.

J:What inspires you to continue to produce beautiful, unique images?

TW:Feeling like I was made to do nothing other than what I do pushed me to create new things. My biggest inspiration has to come from people themselves – I can be very inspired upon seeing a person and imagine what I can do with them. The same with clothes, colours and shapes. My brain is always active for inspiration.

submission fashion magazine

J: If you could shoot any model from any era, which would it be? 

TW: I’m not gonna fluff my answer to sound more fashion than I am. I would absolutely LOVE to shoot Tyra Banks. I am the generation of ANTM from I was a teen. It has beyond a doubt made the fashion world accessible to regular people, without which we mightn’t have as many creative in this generation! I love her, she’s hilarious, she doesn’t take herself too seriously, shes’ beautiful and she’s a real woman.

submission fashion magazine

When did you decide fashion was right for you?

I think fashion decided I was right for it, haha! I have always had an interest in clothes, I’ve always been called stylish (maybe more like outlandish ha) in how I dress and people always thought I had a unique point of view. That carried over  into my photography and the weirder I shot people, the cooler it became. Fashion has officially adopted me as the black sheep of the family.

submission fashion magazine

Have you ever considered moving to a different market?

I’ve dipped my toes in other markets, seemingly to see where money can be made, but ultimately Fashion is my go to. The homotography aspect of my career was birthed out the tumblr revolution, being able to reach thousands of people instantly and have them share and like your work has been amazing. The lack of censorhip means you can be a bit more risqué with your art, mine focuses around men, because I’m gay and I thought it would be interesting for people to see how I view men. I have purposely sexualized men in a way that is done to women in the industry so it’s a bit of a tongue in cheek look at role reversal.

Do you shoot anything besides fashion?

Lots of naked and beautiful men! I also shoot editorial content for GNI, a gay based irish lifestyle magazine. I’m currently the ‘photography expert’ (I love that title) for the socialized health care publication in the UK as well. (Sounds really fancy but I just photo people being interviewed, or health trends/celebrities)

submission fashion magazine


Check out more of Tony’s work here!

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