Checkmate by Jaime Pavon for JUTE from Jaime Pavon Aviles on Vimeo.

Fashion film created by Jaime Pavon.


director: Jaime Pavon

DP: Zenith Thiruvianathan

producer: Karla Cevallos

video editor: John Raubach

sound mixer: Adrian Khalife Adoum

choreographer: Sherry Lu 

stylist: Shauna Jae 

hair: Jacqueline Cicala 

makeup: Alexandra BaranoffSally Harlor Agency 

styling assistant: Marquini Gil

featuring Eric Ellison @ EMG Models, Ilona Struzik @ EMG Models, Jan Angelo StipanovJessica Amadin @ AB Models

Maya Hayashi  @ EMG Models, Mato Kroyer @ EMG Models and Timbrooke Ford Filbert @ EMG Models

music: Before You Leave by Barrie Gledden, Chris Bussey and Jason Pedder

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