by Jessica Watt

More than just embroidery and tulle, fashion duo and founders, Danny Reinke and Julien Kelch, are inspired by a variety of things, mostly related to people and social issues. With regards to their most recent concept, they didn’t want to merely incorporate the theme of scouts for the sake of it, but wanted to make people stop and think. Based in Berlin, the team are working hard to inspire on a global scale through their oh-so-cool, German ‘nerdiness’. Jute Magazine caught up to find out what’s in store for the fashion brand, Danny Reinke!

What is the inspiration behind the special features of your designs?

Sometimes the smallest thing or event can be the trigger for a whole collection. We always have many conversations about what concerns or touches us.

What’s the philosophy behind the new collection? How is it different from other collections?

It’s about the current, tense situation the world is in, as well as the rising social unbalance: that’s the inspiration for the collection “Unleashed Values”. We asked ourselves: “Are we fixated with ourselves or are there any alternatives?” We discovered scouts and their values, such as a friendly co-existing, closeness to nature, or helpfulness – just to mention a few. We want to inspire the visitors to discover their own “inner scout” through this collection. I would say the previous collections were focused more on inner processes as opposed to connecting us as people.

Who is part of the Danny Reinke team?

The core team consists of Danny Reinke as Creative Director and Founder, Julien Kelch as Managing Director and Founder, and Jana Jantschenko as Design Assistant and Shareholder. We work together on the collections and are also supported by others.

How did the two of you get into fashion designing? What inspired you to take this path?

Danny: I knew very early on in life that I wanted to do something with design. In my early teens, I took part in a design course called “Art in Human”. Following this, I was very passionate about fashion and had the dream of making a living on what I love doing the most – being creative and expressing myself through fashion.

Julien: I cannot sew on my own, but I sometimes help out with embroideries when things get tight. My grandmother was a tailor. That connects me to design in general. I like the conceptual approach behind the fashion we do, where I’m heavily involved in the processes. To see how an idea or inspiration becomes an entire collection is an exceptionally beautiful feeling and it fulfils me.

Would you say the clothes are designed with inspiration from fashion in Berlin?

Berlin in general inspires us. Berlin is the city of freedom and diversity. Berlin is a vibrant city that never comes to rest and is always in flux. We try to take as much of it as possible for our daily work.

In your opinion, what are the ideal characteristics to become a successful designer?

One should be equipped with persistency and perseverance as it definitely takes some time to define your style. You always have to try something new as well – the challenge is to always create something very personal without becoming repetitive.

On the ‘About’ section of your website, the brand is characterized by a ‘German nerdiness’. Can you provide further information on this?

German nerdiness is a style we have created ourselves. We play with the classic “nerd” clichés: a boyish look with no sense of fashion. We combine haute couture elements like tulle, ruffles and embroidery with classic wearable elements. We want to be less sexy, but create a more dressed adult look. This consciously creates pieces that at first glance do not really seem to fit together and are then combined in a ‘cool’ way by us. German nerdiness is reflected in the individuality, irony, and intelligent creations and styling.

Where do you see the brand in 5 years’ time?

We would like to be present in other European countries and expand our dealer network. Our team is set to grow as well, and we continue working hard to increase our profile.

What is it like to work as a pair? Are there any difficulties in differing visions?

Due to our different backgrounds and visions, we complement each other very well. We also experiment a lot together and decide what to implement. Danny is the one who implements the creations and therefore, usually has the last word. In the end we always find a compromise. That is very important to us.

How do you want women to feel wearing your designs?

We want woman to feel comfortable, understood, confident and fashionable. This can be very useful, especially in the business field, at a dinner or in everyday life – just the certain something.

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