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I recently got to catch up with designers Komie and Meg of Delikate Rayne and got to learn all about the label.  Eco-friendly a cruelty free, this label is producing ready to wear fashion that you can also feel really good about wearing!

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photographer: Dhrumil Desai, hair/makeup:  Henry Rasu, stylist: Amanda Nguyen, model: Ciara Turner, assistant stylists: Meg Vora & Komie Vora 

Where did you two get your start as designers?

DR: We have not had any actual traditional industry design schooling/experience. Delikate Rayne is our first venture. It’s been a journey- a labor of love based off of determination due to our stricter East Indian upbringing.

 How long have you worked together?  

 DR: We worked separately before- The creation of Delikate Rayne has resulted in us not just being sisters but sisters who can/do work together.

 Did you always work with cruelty free materials?

 DR: Yes, it’s been realized to most pieces of our dynamic all along.

 I know that Delikate Rayne is cruelty free, which we love!  What kind of fabrics and textures to work with as an alternative?

 MV: Thank you! We currently work with vegan leather that ranges from solids and metallics to textured leather mainly croc and snakeskin at the moment. We never use any leather alternative that contains PVC though- way too many harmful toxins plus it’s devastating for the environment. We always try and work with not only animal friendly fabrications but ones that are sustainable as well. All of our leather used is eco-friendly.

 KV: In addition, we like constructing garments in satin, vintage rayon, silky chiffon, faux fur & suede as well. The satin drapes beautifully on the body and feels just as desirable as silk. The idea is to provide alternate options that are just as beautiful, if not better, than non “cruelty-free” varieties that are currently available in the marketplace so you can wear something with meaning behind it.

submission fashion magazine

How would you describe your brand?  What does it represent?

 MV: Cool, compassionate and effortless…Delikate Rayne is creating green luxury- definitive and progressive designs with a purpose into existence. We are using Delikate Rayne as a platform to change the current stereotypes- the way cruelty-free fashion is received and perceived. There is a large disconnect between so called “vegan” fashion and the fashion industry as a whole. We want to shed light on that- with a deeper understanding and knowledge consumers will be able to make better purchasing decisions. While in turn realizing guilt-free luxury can and does exist, compassion is cool- something that should be coveted. 

 KV: Delikate Rayne’s pieces are ethically and consciously made in LA, 100% animal friendly plus utilizing sustainable leather to provide an array of purposeful, season-less garments which create a harmonious blend of humaneness, opulence, and street style.

 Tell me about your latest collection?  What’s new?

 DR: It’s a lot of cruelty-free leather pieces that can be easily mixed and matched into your existing wardrobe. Rounded out with laundered chiffon and lux satin items that are elevated takes on classic shapes. We are constantly going to be adding to that range and venturing out into new silhouette territory. We operate more on a season-less business model to stay in line with our quality over quantity, less waste and sustainability initiatives. Since the majority of our pieces are made in limited quantities, we hope it encourages people to save up for that one piece they really want

submission fashion magazine

Can we get a glimpse into the next collection? What’s next?

 DR: Jackets on Jackets! Cloud like faux fur and new animal friendly leather options. Plus some vegan suede separates and more satin basics.

 Lastly, do you two have any pets? I want to hear all about them!

 MV: We used to have 2 of the sweetest, balls of walking fuzz aka floppy eared bunnies- Pumpkin & Theodore but they are no longer with us sadly =( R.I.P. munchkins

 KV: You forgot to mention the fishes! We had cute little fish too but they are no longer unfortunately. I am actually deathly allergic to most dander so I have to love hard from afar. I also try and make do with the unofficial mascots we have gained at our studio- squirrels who make daily visits.

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submission fashion magazine

 image of Komie (left) and Meg (right) by Mariana Barreto

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