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Maria Pia Cornejo is young, ambitious and willing to take on the world with her fashion designs. Her father wanted her to become an architect. And at some point, he got what he wanted, since her latest collection (Politropolis) was inspired by a fictional city. Vogue Latin America was thrilled by her talent and so are we. With Jute Magazine she talked about her past and her future. Read what is going on in the South American designer’s head:

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First of all, I would like to know why you decided to become a fashion designer. 

Because design is my passion and I love to design. I cannot do anything else. Fashion design makes me dream, inspires me, it is what makes me vibrate and it makes things more unthought.

When did you know that fashion was what you wanted to do?

From a very young age. I have memories from the age of 4 and 5 where I felt great adoration for costumes and art. I spent whole afternoons drawing. My dad wanted me to be an architect, so he always encouraged me to go in the arts. I think at the age of 9, I already knew that I wanted to be a fashion designer.

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Have you ever had doubts about your decision?

No, but I was forced to study other things before I actually started fashion design. That was pretty good because I learned much. It was a great contribution in what I’m doing now.

What is the accomplishment that you are the proudest of in your career?

The truth is, I’m just getting started on this, but what I’m doing is starting to stand out. My last collection (second collection) was presented in Vogue Latin America and I have had excellent reviews from different media, so I am quite happy.

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On your webpage, you have the slogan “I design for all those free, independent and avant-garde women”, so would you see yourself as a feminist and how important are women’s rights to you?

Very important, I have never liked injustice and unfortunately I grew up in a very sexist country. I feel terrible when a man mistreats a woman or when a woman is not respected, so I want to contribute something by giving a message of empowerment to all women, from a point of view on freedom and the independence we must have.

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Your latest collection is the Politropolis Collection, what was your inspiration for this one? Is it your favourite collection so far?

The inspiration was an imaginary city, where metaphorical currents of air and erosion form polyhedral sculptures. Architectural and geometric elements seek to represent in an abstract way with the construction of these sculptures.

Yes, this is my favourite collection.

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Is there any specific designer that you look up to?

I really like Iris Van Herpen and Josep Font.

And where do you see yourself in a few years? 

In Europe. I want to continue studying in London, but who knows, I am open to other possibilities.

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image credits:

photographer: Lester Villarroel

art director: Esteban Perez

makeup: Jose Rosales

model: Emiliana Mendez @ REBEL CHILE

production assistants: Edu Moris and Belén Cornejo

photography assistant: Maximiliano Vega

location: Parque Cultural de Valparaiso

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