Divas in Shawl, an art collage project by Rimma Ismagilova, has been a lovely ongoing project Jute had to know more about.  Editor Lynzi Judish caught up with Rimma for a short interview about the series.

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Why did you choose an Orenburg for your series?

It’s very simple. I come from Orenburg. The first Orenburg shawl was knitted here more than two centuries ago, that’s why it’s called this. I have always been interested in Orenburg shawls: its history, process of making and etc. All women from my family wore and wear it. It’s warm and very beautiful, especially white lace shawls. Besides, it’s the symbol of Russia, as well as Matreshka or Samovar. In my art project I try to unite and interpret two different cultures: the beauty of european style icons and the beauty of the shawl’s decorative patterns.

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Tell me about your process to make a collage.

All my collages are handmade, I don’t use Photoshop. The shawl is also handmade. The main thing is to choose: I start with choosing the style icon, then I choose a personal shawl pattern for her and cut both the paper black-and-white photo and white shawl, then fit it the best way. Usually I have several variants of the same collage. Sometimes it takes days to choose the best one.

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How do you choose the women for your collages?

I don’t have any special criteria for it, but I never use the images of Russian women, simply because it’s very simple and obvious to see them in Orenburg shawl. A lot of Russian fashion designers find inspiration in Orenburg shawls for their collections. Everybody was impressed seeing outfits with Orenburg shawl elements in Ulyana Sergeenko, A LA RUSSE Fall-Winter collections several seasons ago. I use images of world famous style icons, everyone knows Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo… They are all from different époques of time, with personal style, fate and life history. And they are beautiful.  It’s impossible now, but I would like to dress them in an Orenburg shawl myself.  I’m sure they would wear it in their own personal style.

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Did you always experiment with collages, or do you practice other art forms?

All my projects are around the Orenburg shawl. I try to show and use it through the prism of art. “Travel with Orenburg shawl'” is a photo-project. Its idea is to make photos of the shawl near famous places of interest like museums, parks, monuments and etc. The Orenburg shawl has been to France, Holland, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Greece, Australia, and Kazakhstan. Some shawls were left there. It is more than a photo-project, it’s performance, because photos are also made by other people too.

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Can you give us any clues on your next project?

I’ll continue my DIVAS IN SHAWL series. I’d like to make a photo-project with modern divas. One more project is to turn a shawl into a sculpture using its patterns.

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Lastly, are your collages available for purchase?

My collages are not available for purchase at the moment, but I will think how to make it possible.

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