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Fishwife is my latest obsession, and that’s not to be taken lightly.  When I say obsession I meant it. Innovative pieces, an insanely rich color palette, and a story I can get behind.  Love is the feeling that comes to mind when I describe the amazing Death on a Pale White Horse collection.

submission fashion magazine submission fashion magazine

I know there’s a story behind the name of your brand.  Can you explain it for our readers?

Fishwife has always been used in a derogatory way to describe the kind of women we like. Brash, independent, fearless and heavy drinkers of gin. It’s a term that describes us, our ethic and the kind of woman that we want to wear our clothes. We liked the idea of reclaiming the word as our own.

submission fashion magazine submission fashion magazine

How would you describe the aesthetic of FISHWIFE? What kind of woman wears the brand?

We describe our style as “….ramped up Miss Haversham lost at sea for a few centuries, and flung into a futuristic Dionysian hyper reality….” Make of that what you will!

Primarily we make clothes that we love ourselves…. we’re fascinated by the craft of clothes making and each piece is full of detail. Fishwife is luxury wear for women who love the history of fashion.

submission fashion magazine submission fashion magazine

One of my favorite things about the collection is the color palette. How did you choose the colors?

For Death on a Pale White Horse our inspirations rose from a nightmare of mold, textured rotting surfaces and winged insects… the print started as an oil painting which was then digitally manipulated onto silk dupion and organza. The colors in the striped pieces are lifted directly from the oil print so they can be worn as a complement to each other.

The name for the collection is taken from a painting by William Turner as the final print bears a strong resemblance to his landscapes.

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What’s next for the brand? Can you give us any insight on the next collection?

We’re currently working on our second collection which will be released in November this year. We don’t want to give too much away but we’re taking inspiration from the industrial past of East London, where our studio is based. There’s such a rich heritage of innovation and Dickensian drama. Our own prints will play a strong part again and there’s some interesting use of boning!

submission fashion magazine submission fashion magazine

Lastly, where can we buy?

We’re currently taking bespoke orders through our website We create unique patterns for our clients so each piece is tailored to fit them perfectly.

We’re also introducing a pre-order service next month which will make the clothes available to customers who might not be able to meet with us in person at the studio. We’re really excited about this development and what it will mean for the brand… we’ll let you know when it’s up!

submission fashion magazine submission fashion magazine

Look book credits:

photographer: Aiga Ozo

art director: Liz Lillie Young

models: Margarita Balanas & Kristine Balanas

submission fashion magazine

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