Interview with Brandon Flythe: Model and Style Entrepreneur

interview by Stefania Pruscino

Street wear has seen an explosion in popularity in recent years, especially on the runway. No longer are we seeing a major gap between menswear and street wear brands. Instead, we’re seeing a marriage of the two aesthetics in can what only be described as the beginning of the ‘man who not only wants to kill it professionally, but who also wants to look good while doing it.’ We sat down with model and stylist, Brandon Flythe to get his opinion on his favorite street wear brands and his recent collaboration with Hazelxxi.

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Stefania Pruscino: You work with several street wear brands, which of these would you recommend for people who are not familiar with this style?

Brandon Flythe: Well, you can’t go wrong with BBC, BAPE, Supreme, or Stussy those are the biggest brands in street wear. However, I would recommend something different like RepresentClo, MISBHV, Hazelxxi, or New Regime. Those are my favorite street wear brands. They’re all like wine; they just get better with time. Each collection has quality clothing, shows growth, creativity, and most importantly a cool aesthetic every time.

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SP: Recently, street wear has seen an increase in popularity. What are your thoughts on the mixing of street wear as high fashion, especially as seen on the runway this past season?

BF: I think it’s awesome. Last year to the present street wear has emerged into something different that I like to call “High Street”. You used to be able to classify a street wear brand as soon as you saw it, but now street wear has different “levels.” For example, if you look at Represent’s latest collections, “Shadow” and “Wraith”, those could damn near be classified as high-end collections. I’ve looked at a ton of look books and fashion week shows for Spring/Summer ‘15 and I’ve seen a lot of street wear influence. Alexander Wang and UNDERCOVER’s menswear collections both have a great balance of street wear influence. Last week I was in Alexander Wang and I saw quilted baseball tees, pullover hoodies, and crew necks; in my mind I’m like, this is the upper echelon of street wear. I think that the mixture of street and sophistication is brilliant.

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SP: We are huge fans of Alexander Wang for both men and women’s wear; no doubt he will continue to impress us with his innovative aesthetic. Which other designers, artists, or models inspire your personal style?

BF: Lately, movies have inspired me, like 300 and Maleficent, the wardrobe in those films are amazing. Kanye West, Theophilus London, and Rhuigi Villasenor also inspire me. Kanye and Theophilus are guys who take risks and are true tastemakers that have done groundbreaking things that influence our culture. Rhuigi is the creator of RHUDE – you can tell he gets it. RHUDE is one of those brands where I feel like you could just close your eyes and pick anything you want and your outfit would still be dope as hell. Their whole team knows what they’re doing.

SP: Tell us about your recent collaboration with Hazelxxi.  How did this collaboration begin and what is the brands signature style? Which are your favorite pieces from the collection?

BF: Well Hazelxxi and I had a relationship before this shoot. I worked with them last fall, was featured on their site, and then we spoke again about doing a second collaboration. The photographer, Anthony Wright, and I have come up with some great concepts for Hazelxxi. I would say Hazelxxi is a very minimal line. They focus on having clean clothing that is simple but makes a big statement. The white crocodile print jacket, the white and black stars hat and the white baseball tee are pieces that I like. I prefer the white and black stars hat because they have become an everyday essential when it comes to my wardrobe.

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SP: Finally, tell us how you got your start in fashion and of any future collaboration we should expect to see.

BF:  I have been working on a secret project recently with two friends of mine. I don’t want to speak too much on it, but it is expected to be revealed around the first or second quarter of 2015.

I got my start in the fashion working with Natalia Maczek and Thomas Wirski, the CEO’s of MISBHV. I had no portfolio, or experience in any field of the industry at all. The only thing I had were cool photos on social media. I reached out to them, explaining what I wanted to do. In my mind I was very doubtful, I didn’t think that they would take a chance on me due to how big the brand was. I also had no sort of following, but I think they saw the vision in what I was trying to do and that’s why they handed me the opportunity. If you want something, don’t short yourself because you never know what could happen.

submission fashion magazine

Brandon Flythe, also known as “RosewooddB,” is a 21-year-old style enthusiast and model.

Follow him on social media @RosewooddB, @TheOriginalTony, and @HazelXXI

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