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I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Designer Dan Sullivan, the creative genius behind Irregular Choice! We discussed his upcoming shoe collection based on the classic movie Alice in Wonderland. After the successful collaboration with Disney on the gorgeous Star Wars collection; he has teamed up with Disney once again. Here’s what he had to say about his latest endeavour.

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 How did you choose Alice in Wonderland as your latest inspiration?

 The collaboration was a natural partnership for the brand. Despite not growing up with Alice in Wonderland books or movies, the story and way that it has been depicted over the years has always had a similar ethos to our brand, and our fans have often described our stores like discovering wonderland.  A huge amount of our fans are also Alice In Wonderland fans, and they have continuously requested that we do an Alice collection.

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 Did collaborating with Disney on the stellar Star Wars collection differ at all from Alice in Wonderland?

 It was a very similar process, only we also had to get everything approved by Lucas Films as well as Disney so it sometimes seemed a longer process.

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It’s hard to count the numerous books/shows/movie variations there have been of Alice in Wonderful… how did you settle on the classic 1951 version?

Disney wanted us to do the classic movie, and it is very important that you do not cross reference between the film/books etc. We had to be true to the original film only.

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As stated Alice in Wonderland has been around for over 60 years and has so many iconic moments; was it difficult to limit the scenes or characters used?

Disney provided assets from the animated film for Irregular Choice to use.

The most difficult part is that there is no leeway for error or adapting if something doesn’t look perfect. Everything has to be exactly angled and proportioned as per Disney guidelines for that character. However, the best bit is that we have created shoes that totally represent Alice in Wonderland correctly to exact specification and are a homage to the characters I was inspired by as a kid.

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Generations of people have seen and LOVE Alice in Wonderland. Did you design the shoes with such a wide audience in mind or did you have a specific buyer in mind?

 Alice does have an amazing cult following, but whilst not being as big as Star Wars around the world, we are confident in our fans desire for it and that of many other ladies whose hearts the story has touched.

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I can’t decide if I love Cheshire Flat or the One Lump or Two shoes more! Do you have a favourite out of this collection?

I can’t pick a favourite, but I love the upper on I’m late I’m Late and the whole concept of the All Mad Here boot is just eccentric and crazy and irregular all over!

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 Where do I go to buy them all?

The shoes are currently sold out in the Irregular Choice store, but select sizes are still available at Fun! The best thing to do if you can’t find someone near you is to e-mail and they can tell you your nearest US outlet.

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Do you already have another collection in the works or should I just keep an eye out for what’s to come?

Whilst unable to tell you what collaborations are coming next, I suggest you watch this space as there really are some very exciting things going on at the Irregular HQ.

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