interview by Julia Nicole Hernandez

photography by Spencer Khon

Jordan Alexandra SS16

Jordan Alexandra, luxury label based in NYC launched FW15.

Manufactured in the heart of the garment district, the RTW brand uses innovation to emphasize the philosophy of modern luxury. Jordan Alexandra places a strong focus on the quality of craftsmanship and clean lines. Elegance, boldness, and sophistication are utilized for the modern woman.

Jordan Alexandra gathers her experience in production and other facets of the apparel manufacturing industry to launch the brand. Previous work experience includes working under the direction of Zac Posen, Oscar de la Renta and Betsey Johnson.

Together Jordan Alexandra and Jennifer Pawloski, a sister duo, work to create a brand that blurs the definition of feminine chic.

fashion magazine fashion magazine

JNH: Ok, lets just get this out of the way first…What is your favorite type of cat? Yes cat. This is important you see because at JUTE we are all cat people. By all I mean me and Lynzi, I actually have no idea if the rest of the contributors care for cats.

JA: Love the Cornish Rex!! I have a thing for semi-ugly animals. It makes them uniquely cuter.

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JNH: Ok must ask question…which is also kind of generic but it’s a must… Where would you say you got your inspiration for this collection? I love all the pieces in the photo gallery Lynzi provided me but I have to say I absolutely ADORED the black and grey geometric dress. Do you already have a flurry of sketches for your next collection?

 JA: I don’t have a flurry of sketches yet. It’s funny because my process for every season is different depending on how I feel. For SS16, I selected the fabrics before developing the designs. This coming season I am selecting the model before developing designs and finalizing fabrics. I am looking for a certain personality to dictate the inspiration for SS17, so this answer is to be continued. As for the inspiration for SS16, I wanted to create a juxtaposition of sport and structure while blurring the masculine/feminine lines. Boxy tailoring, Nike Airs and garter belts.

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JNH: What would you say is your intended goal with this style? What demographic are you hoping to reach. Who do you want to see wearing these? I realized that’s 3 questions, but they all fell out of my head like that so I figured that’s how they wanted to be written.

JA: It all goes back to blurring the lines between masculine and feminine. I believe that’s always my end goal and is slowly becoming a signature aesthetic for Jordan Alexandra. For the woman who wants to flaunt both her hard and soft features, that is internally speaking. I believe the demographic ranges from 20-55.  The age range is pretty wide, but I’ve found through sales that all of these ages purchase. It was a nice surprise to find out the level of diversity behind the collection.

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JNH: Music…To me…It’s pretty important part of my creative process when I am painting. It gets real weird for my classmates when I get in the zone and inadvertently start throwing in dance moves as I lay paint down on the canvas. Do you have any specific playlist you listen to when you are sketching out new designs? What would you say is the genre of your choice? Favorite artist?

JA: I have many playlists. It depends on the day, but it usually ends up being one of the three:

 Old school hip hop- Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Mobb Deep, Run-D.M.C., Cypress Hill, Q-Tip, Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool J

80’s-Simple Minds, Blondie, Billy Squier, Corey Hart, Kim Carnes, Lipps Inc., Diana Ross,  Dexys Midnight Runners, Soft Cell

 What I listen to 60% of the time- Warpaint, Little Dragon, Snowmine, Broken Bells, Grimes, Future Islands, Junior Boys, Young Man, Savoir Adore, Holy Ghost!, Cults, Wolf Gang, STRFKR, The Kills, The Black Keys, Radiohead


JNH: I have always loved pretty clothes, but have never been so great at dressing myself. What drew you to creating fashion? Was there a specific designer you saw or piece of material you picked up that just triggered for you, clicked all the LEGOS together for you?

JA: Gosh I truly don’t remember. I know that I started sketching clothes when I was 12. They looked liked paper doll cut outs. I didn’t start sewing until I was 15. I think it was selecting combinations of fabrics that was the most fun for me then making them into something I could actually wear with self-expression.


JNH: How did you find out about JUTE magazine? How many issues have you had an opportunity to check out? Lynzi has put a lot of work into it, it’s really her baby. And an opportunity like this, interviewing new and up-coming designers is an immensely exciting for her and the magazine. I’m curious to know what kind of buzz the work she and all of her collaborators are generating.

JA: I was on instagram one day and came across a JUTE magazine shoot on my news feed page. That’s when I started following, but I’ve actually known about JUTE for a little longer. I came across your printed issue at a showroom in NYC and remember thinking, this is really cool. I like the magazine because it’s not your standard shoots. Your stylists have a great way of capturing the vibe of the clothing in a creative way. It stands out. I believe I started reading the issues back in March of last year!


JNH: Last question…because all of the others have been pretty long and wordy…This will also be the most generic of genericy (new word…I just created it now, Webster will be adding it I’m certain) questions… Tell me about yourself. Favorite non-fashion hobbies, favorite Designer, favorite ice cream flavor, favorite country? Whatever comes to mind that you want JUTE’S audience to know about you, whatever you want JUTE Magazine collaborators to know if they want to reach out and work with you sometime.

JA: I am a huge sucker for horror films, especially the classic ones; The Birds, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, Dracula, The Phantom of the Opera and the list goes on. My favorite country is Germany, but Egypt is a must on the list! Guilty pleasures: scratching lotto tickets and eating hot cheetos drenched in pickle juice. Gross, huh? But it’s so good! I don’t really have a favorite designer. There are too many insanely talented people out there. It would be too hard to narrow down. Favorite foods: Thai and Indian! And last but not least hobbies: Painting. It’s always been a therapeutic hobby for me, especially life drawing. It was my favorite in art school. Sorry, I know that’s just one! I spend the rest of my time with friends and family.


JNH: I lied…one more…Pick one Koala, Panda or Red Panda.

JA: Koala, for sure. How can you not love that face!


JNH: So that last question was just for random fun, or rather more random fun than all the others. I feel like it’s a weird dynamic interviewing and being interviewed by a basically faceless stranger so after several hours of fraught and maybe a little over processed internal dialogue I realized keeping it a little weird and casual would kind of break the ice, I’m fortunate that Jordan played along with some fabulous honest answers. Her designs are great, definitely something I would want in my own closet. Curiosity is killing me, I want to see the models she picks and how the next collection evolves.  It’d be neat if she ends up collaborating with a photographer who submits for a future issue of JUTE, I feel it could be amazing.  Jordan is definitely one of those talents that even folks who don’t know much about fashion will eventually recognize. The style blends the nuances of everyday wear with that high fashion edge. It makes someone like me, who is just getting into the industry excited and passionate to learn more about all of it.

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