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Julian Augenstein is a German jewelry designer.  His work shows an awareness of contemporary trends and modern techniques; it is also inspired by history and tradition.  Julian’s work tells a story and furnishes a “vision and a history.” He views jewelry as “more than just a part of a cool look–it’s the completion of one’s personality.” 

Bangels Tondo

How did you become interested in jewelry? Was it something you always wanted to do?

I always wanted to do something creative and create something by hand. Through my hometown Pforzheim, I got in touch with jewelry. Pforzheim is called the “Golden City” because of countless jewelry companies, productions and possibilities of modern techniques which enable designers to realize their visions.

Brooch Pomona

How would you describe your new series and what inspired it?

The series doesn’t follow any commercial guidelines in jewelry, so there are no classic jewelry sets. Because of the minimalist design language and the material, the pieces can be combined easily and conclusively. Due to their size, earrings, for instance, can be worn without another one. The complete collection was inspired by a natural phenomena in polar regions, where the field of vision appears white due to snow and damped sunlight. Another inspirations was the human memory and its disturbances.

Chokers Bergamo

What drives to continue creating?

I am inspired by different cities, people and the numerous facets of nature. These inspirational sources allow me to renew my perception of trends in fashion and design continually. In order to share my visions with people, I strive for a young and contemporary approach to design to be able to consistently demand the importance of jewelry in everyday life and to make new ideas wearable in jewelry collections.

Clips Veritas & Choker Modena

How does it differ from your other work?

In comparison to my jewelry pieces online many pieces of this collection are rather unsuitable. They are unique items due to their size, material or weight. They are not suitable for everyday use. They symbolize the theme as well as their history, and in this sense they are seen as small works of art or objects.

Earring Materia

How did you get involved in 3D laser cutting? And what appeals to you about the process?

The transfer of images into glass has been around for many decades, but in compared to earlier times the former, today’s technology enables us to produce faster, more accurate and multiple results in 3D laser cutting. The fact that there is only one material and small laser points creating a picture in empty space to me is fascinating and are a perfect metaphor for unforgettable memories in our mind.


The work has a simplistic style, why do you prefer simplicity?

Less is more. The simplicity of things creates a timeless nature that makes up the modern style of the pieces. In addition, it’s a redesign and an abstraction of historical jewelry which are overloaded by small details and embellishments in their in origin form.


Circular shapes seem predominant. Is there a reason for that?

The circle is besides to a dot and a line and is one of the oldest elements of geometry. Already four thousand years ago the Egyptians occupied themselves with it through studies on geometry. In spite of its simple appearance, the circle is one of the most important and pleasing forms of design, without consciously pushing to the front to become an important element of the collection.

Rings Fides, Stud Bellona & Minera

You have talked about historical jewelry as being an influence, will you elaborate on that?

Each piece of the collection has a predecessor or parts of a technique of a jewel of the past. A former brooch can be transformed into an earring or a pearl can become the setting of a stone. Today, we have relied on proportions or goldsmith techniques of historical jewelry to translate them into our modern age.

Rings Fides

What would you like readers to take away from you, and your work?

Jewelry is usually more than just a part of a cool look, it’s the completion of one’s personality. You don’t only wear a pretty shining piece of metal, but with my exclusive produced jewelry you wear a vision and a history.

Rings Fides 2

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