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Kaan Amjad is a new designer to the scene, but not to be taken lightly. The designs are simplistic and well-tailored, and in tune with what is chic and cool in 2016. I got to speak with Kaan about the collection and the inspiration behind the clothing.  I’m thinking we’ll be seeing a lot of Kaan in years to come, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll see some clothes for us ladies too. 😀

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Tell us about your brand?  How would you describe your aesthetic?

My brand is named after myself, “Kaan Amjad” I am a 19 year old fashion student based in London.

Currently, my work is a direct result of the skills that I acquire, therefore I have kept to relatively simplistic designs. I feel if I was to release something crazy now, it would go un-noticed, therefore my goal is to practice my techniques further so I can create my more complex designs without limitation in the near future.

submission fashion magazine

Where did you get your start as a designer?  Did you always know this was the career path for you?

I remember buying a sewing machine when I was 15 with all of my birthday money I had and made a t-shirt but returned it the next day because my parents thought the machine was too loud. From then on I’ve always loved the environment and the creativity that surrounds fashion itself. Working in factories or small alterations/dry cleaners shops, I always had to be around it. Then when I was nearly 18 I dropped out of my sixth form where I used to study math, economics and english to then go and study fashion design and really show what I was capable of. Since then I’ve been making one-off pieces or released a couple pieces. It wasn’t until early 2015 I knew I wanted to release a collection, which grew from the first pants I ever made, the ‘lounge pants.’ Then from that, a collection grew.

I didn’t know at all what I was going to be but it was evident that I loved fashion from an early age, whether it was my thousands of hair styles or the way I wore things differently, I knew it was a path I loved. Initially, I was going to study finance or something in that industry as I have family members who work at some good companies around the world but that wasn’t for me.

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How did you develop the style of your brand?  Does is reflect your personal style?

Honestly, I would say that the ‘style of my brand’ won’t be able to be categorized as I love a lot of different things in general and my inspirations come from anything, which will be noticeable from season to season. Right now, all I know is that I’ll be doing whatever feels right at the time and it will get better!

I would always rock whatever I design, just because my designs are very personal or reflect something I like or been through so in that respect yes.

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Tell us about your AW 15 collection.

My first collection “Where It All Began” is my a/w15 collection, which like I said before, grew from the idea of these pants that I had made. I wanted to create something that would be comfortable but still look sharp. The entire collection aims to bring a new focus on loungewear through tailoring techniques, which I feel is very relevant for most people. I felt that people wanted to look good but still be comfortable at the same time, which I felt was lacking from the fashion scene.

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What can we expect in the SS 16 collection?

You can expect my SS16 collection to include my signature pieces taken to a new level.

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Lastly, where can we buy?

My collections can be purchased via as well as some new projects, which you can expect shortly.

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