submission fashion magazineWe are happy to introduce you to Kendra Martin. Kendra is based in Portland, Oregon. You can see her work in many publications nationally and internationally. 


submission fashion magazine

Jute: Where are you originally from?

KM: I am originally from Hillsboro, Oregon.

J:What got you started in the photography field?

KM:I fell in love with photography for the first time when I visited a studio in California; I got to watch the process of a photoshoot and loved everything about it, especially the lighting aspect!

J: Why fashion?
KM: After trying many different styles of photography I naturally gravitated more towards the edgy look and feel of images and fashion just seemed to really fit the style that I loved. I started into it simply by dreaming up some crazy shoots I wanted to try and then by trial and error improved each shoot after that and learned how to incorporate different fashion elements into the images.

submission fashion magazine

J: Do you have any work that you are particularly proud of? 
KM: I am pretty hard on myself when it comes to my work so I must say I only have about a month window where I actually love my work until I have moved onto something else or figured out something I should have done better. That is all a part of the creative process right? I am currently obsessing over my “Precious Metal” editorial which was just recently published in Ellements Magazine’s December issue.

J: What inspires you? 
KM: In general I think the challenge of trying something different every time I shoot is really what keeps me inspired and keeps my mind engaged when I am working. I love the creative process and getting to create things I have never seen done the same way before. Specifically I am really inspired by movement and different ways of casting light to best flatter a garment.

J: If you could shoot anyone, anywhere, wearing anything, what would that look like?
KM: I’m embarrassed to admit this but right now I would love to shoot Miley Cyrus in some super couture flowy gowns in a castle in Europe..(Is that weird?)

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See more of Kendra’s work here!

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