By Olivia Louden

Designer Kittie Yiyi, known for her joyous and colorful pieces, is back with a FW16 collection that feels like a childhood daydream. I got to ask Kittie some questions about colors, her new menswear designs, and her own personal philosophy.

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What’s new for your FW16 collection?
Kittie Yiyi’s brand is all about fun and quirkiness collection. The FW16 collection offers a wider range of women’s wear, whereas previously we only had a mini collection. The cut line this time is more towards uniform silhouette inspired by the olden days when we went to school. The color palette is more to navy and khaki color whereas the print would not be complete without checkered print which best represent the conventional wear. Of course, the newest thing for FW16 collection is the launch of Kittie Yiyi first ever menswear!


How does your personal philosophy translate into your designs?
I often tell myself to be positive in every situation. There’s surely a way to solve any problem no matter how big a deal it is. Throughout my personal philosophy, I hope to inject the positivity to Kittie Yiyi’s design. There are many problems during the process, but colors are my biggest solution to my design. 


Your pieces are very colorful. How do you choose which colors to use when designing?

It usually evolves together with the development of the ideas. Just like the question of chicken or egg first. I choose the color through the object that inspired me. Then I will look in depth of the color to make sure they complement each other. 


There’s a lot of similarities between your menswear and womenswear. What can you tell me about that?
In this collection, our ideas are strongly inspired by the life of students in school. That’s why more matching outfits can be seen in menswear and womenswear.  


How do you want the people wearing your designs to feel?

To feel happy and be a standout among the crowd! 


Finally, where are your designs available? and!


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