We recently caught up with designer Kitty Joseph about her imaginative and colorful, yet modern AW15 collection. Read on to learn about her experiences growing up, influences, and AW15 collection we can’t stop obsessing about!

interview by Lynzi Judish

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I understand that you’ve previously worked as a color consultant for various brands.  How does that play into your current collection?

Colour is always a starting point for the collections. SS16 took colours in quite a direct way from my pastel drawings of cloud layers and bands of colour of London sunsets.

White attending the Royal College of Art, what was the most important thing you learned?

To absorb your surroundings and the advice of others, yet to maintain the courage of your convictions and stay focused and passionate.

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How does living in London influence your designs?

I’m a born and bred Londoner. I find inspiration in the energy of London, of the people and the multiculturalism of the place. I also love the London light, the surreal colours of artificial light mixing with fading natural light at sunsets, the built landscape and muddle of neon lit buildings in that ‘in between hour’ of late afternoon to evening. These colours recur in  my work. I live in London bridge and a walk along the river always amazes and inspires me after a day in the studio, with the liquid colours reflecting off the water.

Tell us about your inspiration for your AW 15 collection.

AW15 was a celebration of gesture and colour. The prints can from graphic sweeping paintbrush marks that I made with masonry brushes to the scale of the body. They were big physical gestures. I love the physicality of dance and music and see a connection between that and recording fleeting action permanently through drawing and painting. Lee Ufan was a big inspiration, and I also looked at a lot of traditional Japanese calligraphy.

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What type of woman wears Kitty Joseph?

A forward thinking colour loving woman who dresses with flair, wit and intelligence.

Enough about your designs.  They’re amazing and speak for themselves.  I want to know about you!  Where did you grow up?

I grew up in suburban North London, zone 4. It was a really simple and down to earth upbringing, with lots of friends and a cool part of London with loads of families originating from different parts of the globe. I loved my primary school and we’d celebrate Diwali, Christmas, Eide, almost every religious festival was acknowledged. I loved Diwali because I dressed up in sparkly costumes and bells and my friend Bhavisha taught me dance routines! I attended the local comprehensive school where I made friends for life.

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Did you always know you wanted to be a designer, or did you have other aspirations growing up?

I was always surrounded by creative influences from an early age.. My Mum an illustrator, my father was a jeweller. The house was filled with my maternal grandparents paintings and sculptures (they met at art school in  Australia the 40’s) I think my obsession with colour and drawing naturally led me initially to Print design and then my time at the RCA channelled that further into designing prints and colour with clothing as the end product

What are some of your personal interests?  Any hobbies?

Drawing, gardening, running and yoga! Among other things. I’m actually signing up to Tai Chi sessions so lets see how that goes..

What might we find you doing on a typical Friday night?

If it’s after a collections finished, dancing the night away with friends.

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instagram: @Kitty_Joseph

submission fashion magazine

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