Man buns are EVERYTHING right now. To be honest, just thinking about a bearded man with a top knot gets my lady parts glowing a little.  Maybe it is knowing that, at any moment, your Don Juan could take his ponytail holder out, let down a waterfall of curls, and take you on horseback into the wild blue wonder, but ladies everywhere are addicted to the man bun. There are entire tumblrs dedicated to the art form.  Check it out here! So I find that in my, ahem, professional capacity it is my responsibility to peruse the interwebs and bring you the best of the best man buns.

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fashion magazine

The Ballet Bun:

He is a little more refined than your normal long-haired lothario. He will wine and dine you, but not until he gels back his hair and secures it neatly with black elastic.

fashion magazine

The Top Knot:

Samurai throw-back, and geez, these are my cup of green tea. He is tough, but still takes the time to enjoy a nice haiku or too.

fashion magazine

The Messy Bun:

He doesn’t have time to do an elaborate up-do. No, no. He is too busy painting, or writing, or doing something else painfully artistic to keep up with societal norms such as hygiene.

Caution: Messy Bun may come with messy bush. (Grooming is not their strong suit)

What is your favorite man bun style? Sound off in the comments.

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