By Marie-Christin Tripolt

Morena Jambo is a Brazilian swimwear brand based in Portugal. Nowadays, Yasmine is the Creative Director, but originally the brand was founded by her mother who used to create swimwear for neighbors and friends who soon turned into clients. Morena Jambo stands for femininity, body awareness and beautiful pieces that reflect the inner and outer beauty of women of all ages, shapes and colors. Jute Fashion Magazine met the lovely designer, Yasmine, in their offices in Lisbon, Portugal.



The brand Morena Jambo – just like their Creative Director – is originally from Brazil, the Portuguese speaking destination in South America. In Brazil, swimwear plays an important role since the combination of the beach, the ocean and the tropical weather is such a crucial part of people’s lives. Just like so many other beach destinations, fashion is not only about what you wear in the streets, but also at the sea. Morena Jambo has been successfully capturing this particular Brazilian lifestyle in their pieces for over 10 years.


“Out there there are so many different swimwear brands that all offer beautiful pieces” says Yasmine as she shows Jute Magazine around. “Morena Jambo, however, wants to add something of more importance. Of course we want our collection to look its best, but we try to set us apart by the materials and patterns we choose rather than solely superficial features”. The Lisbon-based brand uses recycled materials to produce their swimsuits. Therefore, their bikinis and bathing suits are not only lookers, but also great for the environment. What differentiates Morena Jambo from other swimwear brands is their consciousness for production and design. Of course their pieces can’t consist of 100% recycled materials because of the needed elasticity, but they are sending a very important message out there; Morena Jambo does not only use nature for inspiration, but also takes care of it.


Take a look at their stunning items on or get inspired by their Instagram feed that features all sorts of good summer vibes.





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