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PAUL PERELKA and KLADIA NOWAK are a London based photographers and part of the collective No.5 Image. They specialize in fashion and portrait photography. Their use of fine retouching and impeccable styling have accelerated him onto a world stage to display his fine talents. Their outlook of opportunity and preparedness have made him a notable creator in the fashion industry. No5 image makes beautifully curated images with a constant drive for freshness that can been seen their latest creations.

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q: As a creative collective how does your environment differ from your contemporaries?

a: The balance of your studio appears to have a fair amount of creatives, how do you make it so peace is achieved? NO.5IMAGE Creatives was founded by Klaudia Nowak and Paul Perelka in 2014. Before it all started we were already making our first steps into the photographic industry however the real adventure started when we first began working together. For the first few months of our collaboration we have spent days thinking about how to break through to the industry and one of the things that crossed our minds many times was to be represented by an agency. The months of endless emails and phone calls to the photographic agencies has inspired us to found our own agency and become their competitor on the market. Our attitude towards people we work with is always very positive as we treat every person we meet on a set like a possible new member of no.5 image creatives. Each week we meet new people and the environment we always try to provide is very friendly as we know how competitive and brutal the industry can get.

submission fashion magazine

q: Being a London based studio what is unique about the product your team turns out?

a: Our team is mainly based on two people who take care of whole productions and involve other creatives on freelance basis. We always try to have “dream team” on sets and we chose people wisely as at this point we know how each person works and that gives us the calm atmosphere. We aim to build up NO.5IMAGE Family which will gather creatives from different fields of fashion industry who work perfectly together on daily basis.

As two main photographers we work together as well as individually creating two different paths that both lead to expanding NO.5IMAGE Creatives after each production.

submission fashion magazine

q: The beautifully diverse images that come out of your agency are something to be noticed. The use of texture and consistently diverse light is notable. What do attribute your inspiration to?

 a: As a creative collective we could fairly say that one of the biggest strengths is the ability of working in different styles. We work well individually as well as a team combining two styles that don’t clash on set, thanks to that we can approach different clients and give them the opportunity to choose from a variety of different styles.

submission fashion magazine


q: To follow down the inspiration road, in a day of constant visual literacy how does your agency move about that path?

a: Nowadays we live in a world that’s being influenced by visuals all the time. It is really easy to say that you can get inspired by everything that surround you however in order for each project to have a meaning you always have to take it further and do some more research. All the inspirations that we had so far are coming from different sources starting from paintings going to personal life issues. Each aspect of the production is inspired by different visual whether it’s the lighting or the model, it is all thought trough individually.

 submission fashion magazine

q: Does the UK allow for a decent platform for your creative agency? Do you see the future of No.5 moving about the global creative market and if so where?

 a: The U.K. And especially London is full of opportunities and the fashion and photographic industry are well developed what gives people like us a big chance to progress and constantly move forward with everything we do. London is where it’s all began and it has been a great journey so far, it is a never ending rat race and that’s what motives all the creatives to achieve more and aim higher.  

At this point the UK is our main focus and we think that there is much more that can be done here however we already have some plans for the future.

submission fashion magazine

q: If there is anything you want your images to relate being a mood or an opinion what would they be?

a: We are at the stage where our work gets published in worldwide magazines however every single publication that we get is treated as a triumph, as a step closer to where we want to be. Another one would have to be the amount of audience that’s constantly following our work and keep up to date with everything we do. When we were first starting we never expected to come this far and still make as much progress as we do.

submission fashion magazine

q: As far as a viewer I am drawn to the smooth transitions of tonal range to compliment much of the very beautiful styling. Is that a cornerstone of your agency?

a: So far we had a chance to work with some great stylists. Each of our projects was thought through fashion wise to fit the theme and mood that we are trying to create and that’s what made most of the shoots very successful. Even at the very beginning we have paid a lot of attention to the fashion it self and it has been developing for the past two years. Now we can fairly say that we work with great people who provide us with some of the best outfits which perfectly match the story. We are very interested in fashion as individuals and because we specialize in fashion photography the industry demands a good styling.

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