Take a peek at our top 5 looks from our favorite shows at Riga Fashion Week!

The creator of the fashion label Amoralle [amoràl] Inese Ozola originally based in Riga (Latvia) is one of the most perspective legwear, lingerie and nightwear designers in Northern Europe.

Amoralle designs are characterised by the exquisite quality and refined details. Each model is hand-made from the highest quality fabrics and lace, paying a special attention to detailing.

Complimented by Vogue Italy, Marie Claire Italy, Cosmopolitan Russia and other fashion industry representatives for a high quality and world-class feeling, Amoralle label has gained an international recognition.

Presently there are 27 freestanding Amoralle stores and shop-in-shops in locations such as Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Australia, France, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Russia, the USA et. al.

IMG_4921 IMG_4932 IMG_4950 IMG_4964 IMG_5000

photos by Mark Litvyakoff

The style of the brand ANNA LED is recognizable and unique – natural materials and immaculate cut, subtle chic and elegance, attention to detail. The brand was established by Anna Ledskalniņa in 1992, and it has developed into a true benchmark of contemporary Latvian fashion design. Distinctive style of the brand harmoniously intertwines both – traditions and ethnic elements of the Baltic region, as well as contemporary fashion trends and high-tech fabrics. The designs of the brand blend traditions and nature of the Baltics that are reflected in combinations of different textures, soft shapes, toned down colors with bright accents, and last, but not the least – Baltic chic. The color palette of ANNA LED fashion collections reflects the opulent shades of the Baltic sea, soft tones of Latvian seasons and changeability of nature – from bright azure of a hot summer day to indefinite shades of gray of the cloudy skies. Anna Led designs each fashion collection with a certain story in mind. “I intuitively feel what kind of woman will wear each of my designed dresses, as well as I like imagining the places where it will travel with its owner”.

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photos by Mark Litvyakoff

Brand designer and creative director ANTRA HANNA PUJĒNA of Cinnamon Concept has 10 years of experience in fashion as a designer as well as a professional stylist. During the recent years, the brand has developed very fast andacquired a stable position in the Latvian fashion industry with  specialization in knitted fabric with guaranteed quality and recognizable identity. The classical line of accessories has gainedpopularity also in the Lithuanian, Estonian and Russian fashionstores. From 2016 the fall collection of the brand is displayed in a  showroom in Cannes. As a result of this cooperation the products are already available in some exclusive stores in Cannes and Monaco.

IMG_3257 IMG_3357 IMG_3367 IMG_3400 IMG_3447

photos by Mark Litvyakoff

Dalood: The way we dress is the definition of who we are and what we represent, therefore it is vital to have an individual look and style that only belongs to us.

1147-RFW-5367 1152-RFW-5387 1158-RFW-5405 1160-RFW-5412 1169-RFW-5450

photos by Dima Babushkin

KÄT is a clothing brand for modern women who appreciate sustainable design. Northern minimal combined with retro elements is the essence of KÄT. Designer Kätlin Kikkas creates beautiful designs that reflect seasonality with expressive colors and bold yet feminine lines.
KÄT designs are perfect for day time and can easily be transformed into special occasion attire.

1102-RFW-5169 1107-RFW-5187 1114-RFW-5210 1116-RFW-5219 1123-RFW-5254

photos by Dima Babushkin

KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA specialises in exclusively feminine, vintage inspired, demi-couture bridal and occasion wear. Bespoke service is also available. KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA dresses are graceful and elegant, employing very delicate lace elements, handmade embroidery details

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photos by Mark Litvyakoff & Dima Babushkin

Lilija Larionova

135 137 141 151 161

photos by Mark Litvyakoff 

Mariam Gvasalia

1040-RFW-4891 1047-RFW-4922 1066-RFW-5011 1073-RFW-5040 1090-RFW-5108

photos by Dima Babushkin

Naira Khachatryan is of Armenian descent designer whose collection reflects the designer’s ideas of beauty through her native land tradition prism. Naira has completed the Moscow Textile Academy, and since 1999, actively participates in the fashion industry events around the world, where for their chic knitwear collections has received several prestigious awards. Naira Khachatryan collections of art interacts with fashion, but design shows the shape of the essence.

IMG_3741 IMG_3828 IMG_3843 IMG_3863 IMG_3886

photos by Mark Litvyakoff

NARCISS is a ready-to-wear womenswear label, launched in 2009 by AliseTrautmane. NARCISS collections combine sophisticated femininity and edgy details. NARCISS represents smart luxury – we ensure exquisite craftsmanship, finest materials and attractive price point.

NARCISS is stocked with multi-label boutiques in Russia, Kuwait, South Korea, Switzerland, Italy, USA etc. NARCISS garments are also available at NARCISS boutique-atelier in Riga and online.

IMG_3933 IMG_3941 IMG_3951 IMG_3964 IMG_3987

photos by Mark Litvyakoff

Ms. Natalija Jansone is a well-known and recognised designer in Latvia. She has been invited to design for various stage shows and performances, to create advertising collections for different brands and has done styling for popular public places, such as hotels, bars and restaurants. Her interest towards Asian, especially Korean culture has to be brought out – Ms Jansone has studied the Korean language and tradition.

Natalija Jansone has studied at St. Petersburg University, Faculty of Eastern Philology from 1985–1990; and extended her knowledge at Yonsenj Universitu, Seoul from 1994–1995.

She graduated faculty of Eastern sciences, department – Korean Filology. She was working as advisor at onourable consulship of the Republic of Korea. In 1997 made her first collection “Cukurs”. From 1998 until 2005 was making collection from couturier and was working as fasion designer at Latvian National Opera. Since 2005 make collection for women and in 2007 arose new line of clothes for kids. 2005 – 2007 she won a competiton, organised by EU for european designers. The prize was participation in exposure “EU Gateway to Japan” and already in 2005 signed up the first order on cloth production. So now clothes from Natalia Jansone is possible to buy not only in Latvia, but also in Japan. That is why Natalija was nominated for “Eksporta gada balva 2006″.

58 84 94 96 126

photos by Mark Litvyakoff

Viktorija Joniene of NOLO has always dreamt of becoming a clothing designer, leading back to sewing clothes for herself and her friends, creating huge toys for photo studios in Jurmala and organizing school fashion shows at ages as young as 12. Luckily, she had the opportunity to learn – her aunt was the head of an experimental atelier that created clothes for Soviet elite and famous artists – Viktorija spent most of her time there, obtaining the basics of the craft. However, as it happens, life got in the way of things, delaying the realization of her childhood dream for many years. After getting a degree in economics, for more than 20 years Viktorija actively worked in business – tobacco, public catering, clothes and footwear wholesale and retail. However, 4 years ago Viktorija decided to take a brave step by creating her own clothing brand. Accumulating all of her previous skills and her vast experience from working in fashion retail, as well as gaining additional education from a professional course taught at Central Saint Martins University of Art and Design, NóLó was born, and, more importantly – a professional, hi-tech sewing factory was built. Viktorija doesn’t consider herself being “purely” a designer, creative director of NóLó being a more appropriate term.

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photos by Mark Litvyakoff

Brand “Paviljons” designer Arita Varžinska is AALTO Arts graduate school, before studying in Helsinki, supplemented by knowledge Universitat der Kunst in Berlin and accumulated experience and skills while working at the studio brands in Berlin and Antwerp. The recently established graduation collection “Hidden Mother” (Translation. Hide mother) gained recognition among teachers and the media, including compliments from currently popular in the fashion industry stylist Lotta Volkovas and teacher “Martin Margiela” brand designer Heikki Salonen.

IMG_5515 IMG_5574 IMG_5584 IMG_5597 IMG_5607

photos by Mark Litvyakoff

Pohjanheimo – modesty, exceptionality, quality.

The philosophy of Pohjanheimo is to design and create clothing that would not only have a beautiful silhouette, perfect fit, excellent quality and the right color tones, but that it would also bring out the best of the person wearing it along with.

In addition individual elegance, Pohjanheimo puts emphasis on the quality of the clothes they create. there is a lot of emphasis on traditional handicraft and classic tailoring combined with modern technologies. Following all these principles help to ensure that the clothes are long-lasting emotional value that keeps growing with time.

Less is more – our creations are able to come alive with and without accessories. It promotes sophisticated simplicity. All in all, our creation aims to be a modern classic. We promise our work to be delivered based on our three cornerstones – today, tomorrow and always.

IMG_5401 IMG_5418 IMG_5431 IMG_5456 IMG_5463

photos by Mark Litvyakoff

TALENTED is a latvian brand specialized in designing and making of shirts and shirtdresses. Brands core values are quality, wit and freshness, but clients – different brilliant talents. TALENTED clients favourite part of the day is to do and get done. Curious by nature, he wants to know what lies beneath, what hides between and what does the trick. Peculiar ideas is his standard and the right shirt helps him get them done.

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photos by Mark Litvyakoff

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