by Julia Nicole Hernandez

Makeup. I. really. love. makeup. It’s the whole reason I took the time to get my esthetician license. I care about skin, but I love makeup. So I was extremely excited when I found myself with the opportunity to meet businesswoman, entrepreneur, and model Roxanne Gould to discuss the launch of her upcoming makeup line. Confident, successful, genial and charismatic, Roxanne is someone you are immediately inspired by. With a successful modeling current, Roxanne also advises as a beauty and style coach, educating both young models fresh to the scene and older women looking to improve their look and confidence. This background in the fashion and beauty industry has her looking to delve her career deeper in to the beauty industry. Models wear a lot of makeup, it just comes with the territory. That product is not always kind to the wearers face. Having sensitive skin herself, Roxanne has a personal understanding of how harsh many products can be. She spent nine years searching and researching products and ingredients, understanding the different allergic reactions skin can have, most especially sensitive skin. She wanted to create something that was not only pretty but beneficial. Something that most women could afford while maintaining the integrity of a wholesome product. In today’s industry, it seems like a lot of people are claiming to strive for that. They aren’t always delivering on that promise though, which is where Roxanne’s line comes in. I had the opportunity to spend some time testing out her upcoming line, and I have to say, this line does deliver on that promise.

We’ll start with the basics… size of the line. Right now, it’s small, which she intends to keep it that way. A small, simple line means she can focus on what is actually in the product itself, and that is what is important to her. Quality product isn’t just about the ingredients either, it’s about the effect the product has on your skin in general as well as how you feel when you wear that product. Feeling good about what you wear and how it looks on you leads you to feel better and confident over all.

Next up, packaging. Packaging is important, it’s that thing that catches your eye, draws you to the product, it has to look good. Unfortunately a lot of companies have the habit of spending too much time on the packaging, and you the consumer ends up paying that cost as opposed to paying for what is actually inside the shiny wrappings. The packaging for Roxanne’s line is clean and simple, but sleek and easy to use. The bottle for the foundation is mostly clear allowing you to see exactly how much product is in the bottle, it has an easy pump that makes for controlled distribution instead of a mess when you try to pour some on your brush or sponge.

On to the next most important of important facts. What is available? The line currently stands at a foundation in two shades, two lipglosses, a lip & cheek tint, one lipstick, an eyeshadow, a mascara, and an anti-aging BB Cream.

Moving on… this is the goods, what you really want to know… How does it wear? What does it look like? Feel like? Smell like? (You’re probably wondering why you care about the smell? You do though, you really do.) In fact, I will start there… everything smells amazing. Personally, I hate perfume in my makeup. It’s distracting and as someone who is prone to migraines, it can be very painful. I have to be very conscientious of the product I use when it comes to fragrance. The first thing I tested out was the BB cream. This one has my favorite aroma out of the line. It’s clean and soft just a subtle hint of lavender. The foundation smells a bit of vanilla and cocoa, like when you just open up a can of hot cocoa powder. The lip & cheek tint as well as the lip products have just a slight fruity undertone. The eyeshadow does not have any aroma at all… which is good, and typical of eyeshadow. I have come across a few that have had some sort of fragrance in the past and they’ve always irritated my eyes. Usually I would say the same for mascara, but the mascara in Roxanne’s line does have a slight aroma, it’s exactly the same as the bb cream, so it is not irritating in the slightest.

What about the wear and feel? Coverage is amazing. I have combination skin that can often be acneic in nature, the foundation covered 90% of the appearance of my red spots before I applied a bit of my concealer to hide the rest. In drier climates like Colorado, you have little need for setting powder. The BB cream is a great product to use to even out your skin tone for the work day or even as a subtle contour color when you’re putting on a full face of makeup. The BB cream has sheer coverage, leaving your skin with a soft, silky glow. The lip and cheek tint pairs well with both the cream and foundation as it should, it really is just a tint. It gives your cheeks a subtle flush without overwhelming your face as some blushes can do. The eyeshadow packs a fabulous punch. I love this shade, it’s a deep rich burgundy that you can wear with almost any lip color and any outfit. Often with mineral eyeshadows it’s difficult to get one that has the pigment payoff of something like a MAC eyeshadow. It’s one of those maddening things about mineral makeup in general, especially at the price point most mineral makeup is marked up at. The mascara is amazing, my lashes have loved it. They’re healthier and softer than they’ve been in a really long time and it wears for a long time even though it is not water proof. And last but not least… the lip products. I saved them for last because it’s usually the last thing you put on after you’ve put everything else on. There is a nude lipstick, and two sheer pink shades of lipgloss. The lipglosses are both created to pair well over the lipstick and do. The dark of the pinks gives a deeper richer look to the lip and the lighter one gives a nice highlight and glow to the lip. Great choices for a daily wear or evening look.

My skin loved these products. Loved, loved loved them. They didn’t clog up my pores or feel as though I was wearing a heavy mask on my face. Overall texture and tone of my skin has improved, the bit of breakout I had before I started wearing the product has vanished without me so much as reaching for my benzoyl peroxide. It’s been fabulous. That’s not to say everybody will see such improvement with their skin as a result of using this line, but it definitely fulfills the promise of being easy on the skin and nonreactive.

Meeting and speaking with Roxanne was an amazing treat, aside from learning about her and what she does and has done, it was also one of those conversations that reaffirms the philosophy that health isn’t just about what is inside. It’s about everything: how you live and take care of yourself, beyond the foods that you eat but also the products we buy and subject our skin to. The impact all of that has both physically and emotionally, because when we feel good physically it puts us closer to feeling confident and whole in ourselves. Roxanne’s work reminds you that beauty and fashion isn’t about narcissism, it isn’t pure vanity. It’s about feeling good about yourself and striving to spread that to others.

On a final note… I just want to say again that I LOVE THIS LINE. I am stoked for the formal launch and to add it to my professional makeup kit as well as my personal usage. Soon we will be able to buy this makeup online, and eventually, with the success of this line, there is the possibility to look forward to seeing it in something like a Birchbox or and Ipsy type ordering system. I am excited to see other people get the opportunity to try this line and incorporate it into their daily lifestyles.

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Liquid Foundation Sun Protection – Available in Nude or Cork: $28

Pressed Eye Shadow: $17

Lip Gloss: $15

Lipstick: $17

Lip & Cheek Tint Stick: $21

Long Lash Mascara: $11

Anti-Aging BB Cream: $18

Watch Julia Nicole create a start to finish look using the entire line!

Roxanne – The New Beauty Must Have from Jute Magazine on Vimeo.

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