Our very own Kadie Murphy had the privilege to speak with designer Dan Sullivan of footwear brand Irregular Choice about his latest collaboration with Disney/Lucasfilm on a new line of Star Wars inspired shoes for women!

First of all, the shoes are amazing. Were you a Star Wars fan before this project?

One of my earliest memories was of me age 9 in a cinema with my Dad watching The Empire Strikes Back when it was first released. My dad loved telling the story of how I was chewing gum, and every time it got exciting I would chew super fast. I’ve been a big fan ever since that special day.

Star Wars has a huge, devoted fan following. Did this in anyway effect the design process?

Yes. Lucas guidelines are really hot, each shoe can only feature characters, images and elements from the same episode.  They recognize that avid fans would realize if any detail is missed so attention to detail was central to the design. IC are known for being a bright and colourful brand, so it was also really key for me to focus on the darkness of the films and relay this in the shoes.

How does designing for a big company like Disney vary from your creative process?

I actually quite enjoyed having some boundaries and seeing how much I could push them whilst still being true to the iconic Star Wars feel. It was a very new way of creating and expressing the Irregular Choice brand and I really enjoyed exploring it.

How much input did Disney and the Star Wars brand have in the collection?

Other than giving me the initial guidelines, they gave me free reign to come up with first ideas and fortunately they loved them and supported us all along. They loved the fact we were coming at it from a unique perspective and designing something like no other collaboration has offered before.

Who do you picture wearing these? Me please!

This collection is not only designed for avid fans, but anyone who loves creativity and fun.  Our die hard Irregular Choice fans who may not be SW will be introduced to it and SW fans will be introduced to IC and what we do. We feel it targets people that appreciate having a unique collaboration.

Did you have other influences besides the Star Wars universe for this collection?

Historically, Star Wars has predominantly been marketed to the masculine fan base and we wanted to acknowledge the ladies out there who love it also by offering girlie heels and delicate flats.

Where will the collection be sold?

The collection is limited edition and was shown to select stores by invitation only. We chose specific stores worldwide that we felt would match well with the epic collection and gave them exclusivity. The collection will also be available on our international website www.irregularchoice.com on October 30th at 12pm (UK Time).

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