Editor-in-Chief Lynzi Judish recently had the chance to catch up with designer Lindsay Fiegleman of Sticks + Stones, a brand not only ridiculously chic but socially conscious.  Click the link to check out the brand and read on for some fabulous insight from the designer herself.

photos by Liz Besanson

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I understand that you have done quite a bit of traveling.  Where have you gone and how has that inspired your designs?

Traveling has definitely been one of my biggest inspirations in life, so naturally, s+s has truly become a more culture than fashion driven brand. My current line is inspired, designed, and hand-made in India. I felt very connected to Indian culture and religious practices since I was very young. After being there and seeing the most amazing artisans, I was truly exposed to a new world, and a different way of life. I was so fascinated by the vintage jewelry: the over the top details, and how happy the culture was that I felt incorporating it into my step was a must. So s+s was really inspired by my one trip to India, and the new outlook it gave me. I wanted to show heritage, embellishment, and beauty to people who want the full experience.


Tell me about your #tribe-SHEro- movement.

#tribeSHEro is great! I hope everyone is beginning to become more aware of what my partner and I are doing, and join the tribe. In my life, certain things have occurred that have been out of my control. Through receiving help and having a strong support system, I’ve been able to help myself, so has Amy. A lot of people aren’t that fortunate. This is especially prevalent on a much larger scale in third world countries. We have both seen this first hand during our travels and manufacturing processes. It really puts life into perspective, and brings inspiration to you as a person and as a designer to make a difference. Fashion is a huge industry with a big audience. There are voices to be easily heard and viewed. I think every brand should give back in its own way. This would help change the world, and also give some hope into changing some of the misconceptions of the industry itself.


What type of woman wears Sticks + Stones?

The s+s girl is confident, rocker chic yet bohemian, and independent. She likes good quality, and insight into her products. My customers have ranged from 14-86, so I think there’s a wide range of items that can be styled according to you, that’s what’s so great about accessories.


What style of clothing works best for Sticks + Stones?  How would you wear the pieces?

Some people look and say, “wow this is for a gown”, while I feel the best wearing a basic tee, jeans and boots rocking the ganesha. It all really depends on your personality and what you’re going for. I really like it styled in a monochromatic way so that the jewelry just pops and is the main focus. For bags, honestly they go with everything from a date night look to the gym.


If you could have any celebrity as your brand ambassador, who would it be and why?

Hmm usually my answers for this sort of question isn’t based on a person who would be the wearer, I would have to go with one of the kardashian-jenner clan because of their outreach, and fashion based following.


Can you give us a glimpse of what’s next for Stick + Stones?  Do you have a new collection in the works?

Yes! New collection of jewelry should be out right before thanksgiving! The new jewels are a lot more focused, minimal, and great for stacking. A few basics, and some really specific items. New bags will be middle of November as well. Heading into more bags, since it is my largest growing category. Sign up for the email blast to stay connected!



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