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Ukrainian designer Victoria Nozhenko’s brand UBERLove and FW16 collection are marked by a philosophical approach to fashion that involves self-discovery and the subconscious. Her unique view of design is fascinating, and I was privileged to get to ask her some questions about how the complexities of man are played out through her work.

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I understand you are both a photographer and a designer. How does having control over both of those aspects affect your work?

Of course, I love to take pictures much more than to be photographed, but only in search of inspiration. Photos from lookbook #I am Nothing were created by Victoria Art, a talented photographer.

We are working as a team #UBERfashionLab, I worked as a stylist. Yes, you have to control and integrate a lot and sometimes sacrifice. But if you feel that this is your destiny, it is possible and so ….

Oh, you know, it’s your path, and it is worth a lot.

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How did UBERLove come together?

It’s a long story, and maybe it’s fate. One day you’ve just realized that you cannot live without art. Art is your language, self-expression and you cannot just keep silent.

If you have something to say, say it. Maybe it is necessary for someone. At the moment, my tongue is clothing. And yours?

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Your FW16 collection is called I AM NOTHING. How does that title represent your designs?

The name of the collection #I am Nothing any one can explain differently.  But you shouldn’t look at it superficially. The continuation of the name is a phrase: “I am a nonentity, in me a lot of NOTHING …” (c) Popruga Lily.

This phrase is from the not-yet-written book of one of my girlfriends. In her book the most, the essence of the collection is laid, which tells about the many principles in man, which know no borders.

The main task is to recognize them and develop. And this way means going through self-knowledge, forgiveness, and acceptance of oneself. You – it is something incredible.

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I see that Hesse’s novel Steppenwolf is listed among your inspirations. How is that idea of one’s inner stranger reflected in your collection?

The novel “Steppenwolf” by Hesse was read just during the creation of the collection. It is about a complex man, struggling with oneself, subconscious, self-flagellation, “to be or not to be”…

In the main character of the novel, I saw the hero of my story. Puzzle emerged. I think the novel can be disliked just for one reason, if you do not see in it yourself.

But, it is only the part implicit in the concept of the collection. Other sources of inspiration have been articles written by K.G. Jung, Frank G. “Dune”, A. Kobe “Woman in the Dunes”.

As well as movies, photos, nature, observations and thoughts about the strange thing – about  the Man.

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What makes self-confrontation and understanding such a valuable experience?

Yes, the theme of struggling of opposites is inherent in the concept of the brand of UBERlove. This is the basis of everything and the beginning of something new.

I believe that creativity is the result of our experience, and it is our internal study. The experiences and the process of understanding only stimulate us to act and self-express.

I do not think that “full man” capable for “real work”…. more for charity. To create something you need to pass it through yourself .

If it is clothes, the designer himself must understand the nature and purpose of the things he wants to wear. Never offer anything in which you even slightly doubt.

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Among the dark colors and neutrals, the lime green is rather striking. What is the significance of that?

There are a lot of pastel motifs, textures and shades of forests, deserts, dunes and sand in the collection. In addition, in contrast, there is lime green.

He’s like the moss on the forest soils who informs us about the riches of  colors in the nature, as well as in the man.

They symbolize the surrounding itself and the mood of a person who is in search of his own shadow.

She seemed to be dissolved in the infinity and alienation, to gain status NOTHING and understand their infinity in the universe.

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In what ways do you feel the collection, and the brand as a whole, looks to the future?

I think that the idea “look ahead” is inherent in the concept of the brand. It is important for me to bring something new to our already “wonderful world”.

That will not just be “art for art’s sake” but become something tangible and meaningful in our life. I do not want to create “simple” clothes. It is more than enough.

But, unfortunately, it does not mean the quality and conceptual filling. Quality, innovation, ideology, concept, functionality – are important criteria for the designer.

I will always have to grow and demand from myself. I’m a pretty critical person, and primarily of myself.

Therefore, the future of my brand –  is a continuous growth in the garden of life.

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What do you wish to inspire in those wearing your designs?

To be honest, I do not care who wears my clothes. For me more the important thing is the power of clothing, ideology and quality.

I want people to understand it and see. Let it be important for them, what they wear and what they want to say.

After all, clothes – it’s aesthetics, the intelligence and the quality of your life. The choice is yours…

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Finally, where are your designs available?

The UBERlove brand is available in showrooms: name’ modateca, UGOLstore, Styleinsider Store, CORNER concept store (in discussing of cooperation), PURE (accessories).

Also, the brand UBERlove is a participant of UFW. Now the process of creating our site is on the way. I plan to promote the brand to the European market.

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