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It’s possible that no one in the world knows as much about latex fashion as Rebecca Allsop of Yummy Gummy. The latex brand offers pre-made designs as well as sheet latex, and seeks to break down the public’s phobia of the fabric by bringing it to anyone looking to add an edge to their wardrobe. I asked Rebecca a few questions about the brand, and what it’s like to own, care for, and wear latex outfits.

 submission fashion magazine submission fashion magazine

Why don’t you start off by introducing your brand?
I am Rebecca from Yummy Gummy Latex. I have been making sheet latex and latex clothing for about 4 years now. My brand is about making the latex scene more colourful and more approachable. I make new innovative patterns and colours in sheet latex and clothing that compliments the female form in a wide range of sizes. I want everyone to feel comfortable in latex and for everyone to try latex out as it has an amazing feeling. Just wearing a dress can double your confidence and how sexy you feel.

submission fashion magazine

 What makes latex a good fabric to use in designing?
It’s stretchy but not so stretchy that it shows bulges. A lot of people compare it to feeling like spanx. If you have a dress that fits you perfectly then you’ll be streamlined and held in. I’ve had many customers assume they’re going to look like “a sausage squashed in to a too tight skin” and that will happen with any type of fabric if the dress doesn’t fit you, but nothing quite fits like a well made latex dress. Because I make the sheet latex there is a massive range of colours and patterns available to make tight shiny clothes with. It’s mostly great to work with because there is nothing else like it. Nothing makes you feel the way a latex dress makes you feel. Before you could only get that in black or plain colours and it would make it weird to wear outside and you’d feel slightly too sexily dressed, but now you can wear a latex dress covered in flowers or glitter, so you get sexy and eye catching without the wrong kind of attention.

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 How does a person care for latex outfits?
They’re relatively easy to take care of. These are my care instructions:

Care Information:
Latex is easy to look after. However there are some guidelines that need to be followed to keep it looking beautiful. Be aware of sharp objects and fingernails, latex will tear easily if it is pulled too hard or snagged on anything. Keep latex away from heat, sunlight, cigarettes and metal. These can all leave brown stains on the latex permanently. Latex can be affected by perfume, body sprays and body oil, degrading the material and the glue.
Dressing and Shining:
Talc the inside for easy dressing, also talcing oily/tacky skin will aid dressing. If the garment is sticky on the inside, dressing will be difficult and you are liable to break the garment.
(Silicone dressing oil can also be used.e.g. Pjur) The outer surface of latex can be polished using our water based latex cleaner/polish. Silicone sprays and fluids will make your latex shine brighter. Do not use any other oil or silicone car oil!
Cleaning and Storing:
Hand wash your latex in luke warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Turn inside out and allow to dry. The garment must be thoroughly dried and talced on the inside so it doesn’t stick together before storing. Store the garments in a dark wardrobe in a protective bag, e.g. black bin bag. It can also be wiped down with the blue cleaner to preserve the material and be ready to wear.
Yummy Gummy sheet latex is a natural product and will last if looked after. With love and care your latex will stay beautiful and be a fun, sexy addition to your wardrobe for you to enjoy for years to come.

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How is your latex made?
I make it from a liquid latex which comes from rubber tree sap. I mix in FDA approved or skin safe pigments and then cure it. I use different techniques and pigments to make different patterns with the latex.

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How do you wish to tear down the stigma against latex?
By creating approachable coloured and patterned latex. By mixing something approachable like glitter with latex people don’t feel like they’re stepping too far out of their comfort zone. A lot of my designs are easy to wear and not overly sexy. You definitely get second takes when wearing my clothes as it takes people a minute to realize it is latex.

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What kind of person do you envision wearing your designs?

Fashion forward. However I’ve sold my designs to people old enough to be my grandma and watched them rock it. There is no age limit, it is only your mentality. Of course I have in my head that the Fashion pack will be wearing my designs but the people that do buy are ordinary people that are in love with how the clothes make them feel. Only latex can make you feel the way it does, no other material can make you feel sexy the way it does.

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Finally, what sort of options can a buyer order from your company, and where are they available?

I have a few wholesalers but you can mostly buy online on my website. If you aren’t keen on my designs, but like the fabric I make, I supply many different latex designers and pretty much all have heard of me and if asked will buy latex for your order. I am working on a more fashionable collection based on metallics, like rose gold and bronzes, that I am going to push towards boutiques. They will all have zips and be easy to dress in to. I’m hoping to have this ready for next year. If you would like to meet me in person to try my designs on, I go to fetish/fashion markets around the UK and Germany. The most fashionable I go to is the Le Boutique Bizarre which is held every few months in McQueen Bar in Shoreditch, London. I also attend the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar every month on the third Sunday of the month in Nightingales club in Birmingham. More information about where I can be found is on the contact page of my website.

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